Date: 2017

This theoretical design started with site-specific image research of Charlottesville, Virginia. Using the thematic elements of classical Greek theatre, some overlap was found with the visual architecture around us today. This design is enveloped in an immersive architectural monolith, inspired by Charlottesville’s City Hall. This was then abstracted to represent Greek history, with a postmodern application of graffiti. An alleyway seating configuration was employed to echo the design’s length in the blocking. The chorus, placed on gravestone markers, are an integral part of the play; not only do they reveal information, but they also function as guidance for understanding the play. Through the alleyway configuration, they can visually take a stance on the argument of Antigone.

Site specific imagery was combined with image research from installation artist, Jenny Holzer, to strength the idea of Antigone’s headstrong principles maintained throughout the play. Some of the research for this design was based on the idea of an abstraction of light guiding our vision through a space.