Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery is a re-telling of a famous story, with Watson being the lead investigator on a case regarding the hound. This story required an unique opportunity to use atmospheric design to unify the composition. Through special effects such as fog, moving gates, falling debris, and a remotely controlled shaking cellar door, the spectacle of this piece guided the show. The multi-faceted set design served as a base for many scenes to quickly roll on and off stage, while maintaining the vintage aesthetic of the Holmes area.

Position: Scenic Designer & Scenic Charge Artist
Venue: Heritage Theatre Festival
Date: 2017
Directors: Marianne Kubik & Colleen Kelly
Lighting Designer: R. Lee Kennedy

The design process for this show started with the atmospheric design. What world coexists with the apartment, the Baskerville mansion, the Moors, and all the places in between? How do we make the stage space seem eerie and mysterious? This is a fast-paced show, with lots of little scenes, so we wanted to make sure units could roll swiftly and easily. The upstage pillars allowed for various movements through and around, which echo the quick dialogue and scene changes in the script. Scenic pieces such as doors and rocks were able to fit through the voms, which made it possible to block scenes downstage. This created an arena-like space, which immersed the audience in the show.