Position: Scenic Charge Artist
Venue: Heritage Theatre Festival
Date: 2018
Scenic Designer: Catherine Cornell

This set featured six two way translucent flats which were stretched muslin on steel frames. We starched the front once, the back once, and the front twice after that to ensure a barrier between the front and rear. Next, we cartooned the rear with white chalk and used super saturated paint to ensure vibrancy of the colors. We added opaque lining on the rear with the local color which was mixed to match the color on the front. The flats were flipped and sprayed on the front with a pneumatic sprayer to keep the coat as even as possible. Layout for the sketch like architectural features was done with black charcoal, and then lined with sash brushes. The full effect, as seen in the photos, kept the rear a reveal during the show.

In addition to the translucent flats, the deck treatment featured the same sketch like style in lining with painted concentric circles and a detail. The deck was completed and sealed in two days.