Venue: University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Date: 2015
Position: Scenic Designer
Director: Jesse Berger
Lighting Designer: Eric Dwyer
Model Scale: 3/8″ = 1′-0″

Set in a black box theatre, the audience is configured in the round. The budget for this show was under $2500, which provided a creative restriction on how to successfully crash a plane into a conservatory greenhouse in the Edwardian era. This conservatory is inspired by the Cristal Palace in Spain. The idea was to deconstruct the architectural elements into something that rhythmically echoed around the audience, putting them inside of the space. The furniture and props were very detailed and realistic, as this was an intimate space. A watercolor style was used for the scenery and floor to emphasize the abstract environment and flowing emotion of the cast. The green hues came from the patina metal in European greenhouses, while the warm tones in the floor were inspired by sandstone and outdoor patio stones and tiles. The plane crash was a collaborative effect in the show. Boxes with solenoids were rigged to the grid, and were able to open with a cue from the booth, releasing a shattered faux glass product. These boxes were timed to release the faux glass with a sound cue of a plane and a moving light over the stage. The full effect was successful and did not have to involve the audience seeing a physical plane.