Venue: University of Virginia
Date: 2016
Position: Scenic Designer
Director: Cady Garey
Lighting Designer: Matthew Ishee

Set in a thrust theatre, this show featured three very different scenic looks per act. The show not only travels through locations, but also through time – significantly. Metal became a source of inspiration for the design aesthetic, as it provided an industrial look that fit within the post-apocalyptic theme. The floor treatment focused on decay of copper, introducing a versatile green hue to the show. The design also featured a bike generator, magnetic curtains, a working streetlight, car parts from the junkyard, a curtain of camo net, and a crash pad for a fall effect that looked like an 8 foot drop into a river.

The process for this design spanned over 3 months. This particular play raised a lot of questions that influenced the design. What kind of apocalypse is this? What kinds of guns would these characters have? How much of a cartoon aesthetic do we want to incorporate in this? After many discussions with the director and designers, it was discovered that this production was about layers; the layers of music through time, outfits through a drastic lifestyle change, and layers of surface treatments that give a sense of what the past was.