Date: 2017

This theoretical design for Twelfth Night focused on identifying what the Kingdom of Illyria needed to be for this play. While reading this fantastical story, it became clear that the setting should represent an isolated magical place that cannot be geographically placed. The main inspiration for this design came from the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, which has a very elusive, free aesthetic. The water seen in the design emphasizes the dramatic freedom that each character encounters; the play does begin with a party after all. The music in this play guides the rhythm of the composition, while the translucent windows offer a playing space for Malvolio to be seen by the audience. The color palette is intruded by various shades of purples and blues which add a suggestive layer of fantasy and playfulness. Rendering was created using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

The play represents deceit and revelation of persona in a fantastical world. The title of the play reflects the festival of the upside down, which is a celebration of the twelfth night of Christmas, typically January 6th. Shakespeare’s characters portray “upside down” traits in their actions, particularly the indulgence of lust, food, money, and freedom. The setting of the play, the Kingdom of Illyria, is not only mysterious, but also somewhat of a blank canvas for these characters to purge their inhibitions onto.