Urinetown is a dark, political satire intertwined with upbeat melodies of comic relief. The musical takes place sometime after the “stink years” in a Gotham like city. This particular production is loosely inspired by the 1930’s. Urinetown carries motifs that relate to today’s economic and political crisis, worldwide. In order to tell this story, the design focused on creating visual contrast between the rich and the poor. This was done not only through height, but color palette and typography as well. Practical design elements were incorporated into the design, such as a sliding railing for the rooftop drops, a functional slide for the secret hideout, and chase lights in the legs that were disguised as rivets. Theatrical elements merged with a sophisticated and clean aesthetic let the momentum of the numbers carry the musical forward.

Venue: University of Virginia
Date: 2018
Position: Scenic Designer
Director: Bob Chapel
Lighting Designer: Justin Poruban